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When owner Nick Stone decided to expand his company from its focus on the programming end of website development to become a full-service digital marketing firm, he knew he needed to build a team of specialists. One of those specialists had to be a copywriter.

While beautiful website designs were an important part of online marketing, Nick knew they were only half of the equation. The other important factor was copy. Without the right words, the designs wouldn’t be effective.


Nick began researching freelance copywriters online. He looked at their experience levels and portfolios. When he found Susan Greene, he knew she was the right choice. Not only could she write beautiful copy, she clearly had an understanding of marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), both of which would be important in providing clients a comprehensive marketing plan.


Susan became an integral part of Nick Stone’s team of independent contractors. With her on board, Charlottesville SEO Web Development was able to produce websites, landing pages, online ads and other marketing materials all in-house. Susan even wrote the company’s own website.

Charlottesville SEO Web Development expanded the services it provided to its existing clients and began attracting new clients that needed help with their online marketing. Today the company is thriving. Its client roster continues to grow. Its billings have steadily increased with each passing month. The future is bright.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You are the best of the best!

I consider top-notch writing essential for small-business success online. So I was seeking the best copywriter I could find to join my creative team. I reviewed more writers than I can count or remember. I chose you, Susan Greene, to write for my clients and for our own company website. And you didn’t disappoint. You are the best of the best!

Nick Stone
Charlottesville SEO Web Development
Charlottesville, Virginia

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