Clear Choice Cannabis

Tacoma and Bremerton, Washington

Clear Choice Cannabis is one of Washington State's first legal dispensaries. It currently has two retail locations.
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Clear Choice Cannabis


Clear Choice Cannabis was established in 2012, making it one of Washington State’s first legal dispensaries. For years it operated successfully via word of mouth, attracting locals as well as numerous out-of-state visitors. But in recent years, many new dispensaries have opened, creating a more competitive environment.

Clear Choice Cannabis decided it was time to upgrade its online appearance to better reflect the company’s passion for bringing the best cannabis products and cannabis advisory services to its customers.


Clear Choice hired Thrive Design, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency, to create a new look for its website. Included on the Thrive team was Susan Greene, who handled copywriting for the new site. 

Cannabis web copywriter

Susan interviewed one of the company’s owners and then created fresh content that spoke about the company’s history and the elevated dispensary experience it provides. The copy also mentioned its free medical consulting service, the range of products it has from its 40+ suppliers, and its world-class collection of functional glass.

Finally, Susan made sure the copy reflected Clear Choice’s desire to serve all types of cannabis consumers, from the first-time smoker to the expert dabber. 


The website was a significant upgrade from Clear Choice’s previous site. It also increased the size of the business’s footprint on the web, including far more information than the typical cannabis site.

Cannabis copywriting

One of the site’s unique features is the Daily Deals Calendar page that explains discounts so visitors can time their purchases. The site also offers Clear Choice the ability to further expand its web presence with articles on developments in the cannabis industry.

The company had invested heavily in creating attractive, contemporary stores. The owners are pleased that their website now also reflects their upscale image. It’s sure to generate more traffic and sales for their retail locations.

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