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CompuCom and its 8,000+ employees provide powerful technology solutions to enable digital transformation for mid- to large-sized businesses. 
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CompuCom’s existing website needed refreshing and updating. In recent years, the company had grown significantly, adding numerous services and products to its offerings, many of which were not represented on their old website.

The company had also been acquired by Office Depot, Inc. giving it access to new customers via the store’s 1,300+ locations. It was time to let customers and prospects know the full breadth of CompuCom’s capabilities.


CompuCom hired IMCG Creative to design a new website for the company. They in turn brought in Susan Greene to join the creative team and provide fresh web copy for the website’s many pages.


The new website was a refreshing update for the company’s online presence. CompuCom’s sales people could feel confident sending prospects and customers to the site, which looked contemporary and substantive, with all of its products and services clearly explained. 

Susan Greene wrote the web copy with SEO in mind, further enabling CompuCom to rank well for its main keywords. Finally, the copy included a prominent new section, Small Business Solutions, a variety of services that would help CompuCom attract some of the “smallish” customers it had not previously targeted.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Almost no revisions

Thank you for your help writing the copy for the new CompuCom website. The client approved the text with almost no revisions! I hope we’re able to work together again on another project soon.

Tam Ayers
CEO/Digital Strategist
IMCG Creative
Charlotte, North Carolina

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