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Condo Hotel Center, a Miami real estate company, specializes in selling condo hotels, which are luxurious condos in vacation resorts. Ginn sur Mer is one such proposed development, which Condo Hotel Center decided to promote in its Condo Hotels Bahamas website.
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Susan Greene, a freelance real estate copywriter, was asked to work with the company’s web design firm to create the website.  The challenge was that the development had yet to be built so photos didn’t exist and details about the property would have to be based on proposed plans.


Susan flew to Grand Bahama Island to meet with the property development team and view the 2,000-acre site where the resort would be built at a cost of $4.9 billion.

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Coordinating web design, obtaining artist’s renderings of the resort to be built, and writing the content for the website were all handled by Susan.  The website was completed within six weeks and almost immediately rose to the top of the search engines for condo hotels in The Bahamas.  Condo Hotel Center was able to attract hundreds of prospective buyers who learned of the resort from the website and were considering purchase of one of its condos.

Unfortunately, as construction got under way, the developer ran into financing problems and construction was stopped.  The Ginn sur Mer resort project is currently on hold.  Condo Hotel Center maintains the website, pending legal and financial decisions on whether the development will be completed as planned.

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