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New York City, NY

Founded in 1996, Coyle Hospitality Group is a market leader in providing mystery shopping, brand compliance, and market research for the global hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, spas and cruises and worldwide.
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Coyle Hospitality Group had numerous hotel and resort clients, but other industries were starting to see the value of using professional mystery shoppers to evaluate and improve their operations.

Coyle’s people would go “undercover” to the client location and pose as customers seeking information.  They would then write a detailed report about the sales experience.

To target some of the vertical markets that were beginning to have an interest in mystery shopping services, Coyle wanted to develop landing pages that were industry specific.

Rather than focusing on the breadth of Coyle’s capabilities, they would highlight Coyle’s expertise in specific niches like new home sales, retail operations and restaurants.



Susan worked with Karen Murray, Vice President of Marketing for Coyle, to develop a series of landing pages targeting each niche.  Together they came up with a format that would give the features and benefits of Coyle’s services for each respective industry while providing a consistent look for the brand.



The initial 2 landing pages were for new home sales and retail operations. They were so successful that Coyle had Susan write 3 more to target restaurants, manufacturing distributors and property management companies,

Going forward, as additional vertical markets are targeted, Coyle plans to develop more landing pages and also increase pay-per-click ad spending to drive traffic to those landing pages.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Great job on the landing pages!

Great job on the landing pages!  We’re excited to get these launched and bringing in leads.  Thank you for all your help.

Karen Murray
VP Sales and Marketing
Coyle Hospitality Group
New York City, New York

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