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Coyle Hospitality Group is a market leader in designing programs for mystery shopping used by the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, spas, cruises, and entertainment venues worldwide.
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Coyle Hospitality had designed a mystery shopping program for a large, national restaurant chain with more than 200 locations nationwide. In addition to the large size of the program, what made the project more challenging was that the restaurant chain, which requested anonymity in the case study for competitive reasons, had tried mystery shopping with another vendor in the past and had been disappointed in the lack of actionable insights it provided.

Coyle came up with a unique approach that encompassed an incentive program for the restaurant’s employees. Within weeks, the client saw improvement at nearly every restaurant location. It was the story of that success that Coyle wanted to tell.


Susan Greene, case study copywriter, interviewed key members of the Coyle team to understand the unique incentive program Coyle had created for the restaurant chain and to learn of its extremely positive results. Her goal was to then write a case study that could persuade other restaurant chains to work with Coyle.


Susan wrote the case study, which now resides on Coyle Hospitality’s website. The case study is also used by the company’s sales team.

Because of its effectiveness, Coyle asked Susan to create additional case studies regarding other client success stories. You can see examples at the following links:

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