Dayan Candamil Designs

Bogota, Colombia

Dayan Candamil Designs is a company based in Bogota, Colombia that designs and manufactures upscale handbags and clothing accessories for the luxury market.

Dayan Candmill Website Copy by Susan Greene

dayancandamil homepage


Write content for the company website and catalog that would effectively present its designer brand and products to buyers for the world’s most prestigious stores.

dayancandamil about us page



In addition to writing content about the company, Susan Greene, copywriter, created detailed descriptions of every product in the Dayan Candamil line.


Today Dayan Candamil’s lavishly detailed handbags and accessories are considered collectible treasures.  The brand is known worldwide for its couture-like quality.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Why didn't I find you sooner?

Hi Susan,

You definitely are the one! Why didn’t I find you sooner? I’m so impressed with the copy you wrote for my fashion design website. It’s perfect! You deserve all the good things people say about you.

Thank you!

Ingrid D. Candamil
Dayan Candamil Designs
Bogota, Colombia

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