Del-Air Security Services

Sanford, Florida

Established in 1983, Del-Air is Florida’s largest heating and air conditioning company. With thousands of residential clients, the firm decided to expand into providing home security systems.

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Del-Air needed a small but informative brochure that its technicians could give customers to introduce this new service offering.


CF Marketing Group in Orlando, Florida was Del-Air’s advertising agency.  They brought in Susan Greene, freelance brochure copywriter, to write the copy for the brochure.



The brochure, completed in just a few weeks, proved to be a conversation-starter. It resulted in the Del-Air sales team getting many inquiries about the company’s home security systems, exactly as Del-Air hoped.

Because of its success, this brochure became the first of several print projects for Del-Air handled by CF Marketing Group with Susan Greene as copywriter.

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