Dr. Biz Boom

Clearwater, Florida

Founded and operated by a well-respected physician, Dr. Biz Boom teaches other physicians how to grow their practice by adding a neuropathy or orthopedic medicine program.
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The Dr. Biz Boom company was planning to launch an online training program on Facebook to introduce other physicians to the benefits of adding neuropathy treatment services to their existing practice.

They needed a landing page that would explain what the training program included and how it had helped more than 120 clinics nationwide attract and treat patients.


Dr. Biz Boom hired Inovo Studios to develop a landing page and sign-up form to promote the neuropathy training program.

Inovo brought in Susan Greene, an experienced healthcare copywriter, to write the copy for the landing page. 


Susan wrote a lengthy, highly detailed landing page that explained what the 3-day program would encompass.

It also included a description of the types of ailments the treatment could help, bios of the presenters, and testimonials from physicians who’d completed a previous training program and successfully integrated neuropathy treatment into their practice.



The client was pleased with the landing page’s design and copy. They used Facebook ads to attract prospects to the landing page, which proved effective in conversions. 


Dr. Biz Boom will likely re-use the landing page to promote future training programs.


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