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Ontario, Canada

Dr. Slipacoff is a successful dentist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada with a large patient basis. He was in the process of expanding his practice to include additional office locations and dentists on staff.

Dr. Slipacoff Website Copy

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Along with growing his practice, Dr. Slipacoff wanted to also expand his online marketing efforts.  A more comprehensive website would help ensure a steady flow of new patients as well as make existing patients aware of all the services he offered.


As a member of the Kone Marketing team in Ontario, Susan Greene, copywriter, wrote website pages about every dental service offered, from pediatric dentistry to orthodontics, root canals, teeth whitening and dentures.

The goal was to demonstrate that no longer did patients need to seek out oral specialists.  Everything a patient could need related to teeth and gums could now be found under one roof at Dr. Slipacoff’s practice.

dr. slipacoff about us page


The website, complete with new design and new copy, increased the number of new patients and also the kinds of services that existing patients requested.  It also helped to answer many of the questions new patients had and allowed them to fill out all the necessary registration forms right online, saving a great deal of administrative time for staff.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

...you talk a great game but you back it up 100%.

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to say thanks. I looked over the website copy again, and I couldn’t be happier with your work. You nailed it! Suffice to say, you talk a great game but you back it up 100%.

Ray Curran
Kone Marketing
Ontario, Canada

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