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Budapest, Hungary

MetaTraderProgrammer.com is owned by Dynamic Programming Solutions Corporation (DPSC). The company helps FOREX (Foreign Exchange) traders from around the world increase their productivity through customized software. They develop programming solutions that simplify trading and allow tasks to be automated.
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When company President Zoltan Ferenci called Susan Greene from the company’s offices in Budapest, Hungary, he was seeking an American copywriter to create content for their English website.

It was important that the copy be written in American English, as opposed to British English, because many of DPSC’s customers were in the U.S.  However, Zoltan was concerned that a copywriter with no FOREX trading experience might find it difficult to understand his company’s services.


After asking Zoltan many questions, viewing samples of the company’s work and doing some research on her own, Susan was able to write content for the website that targeted FOREX traders worldwide and in particular American traders.


Previously DPSC had content on its website written by Zoltan.  While it accurately described the company’s services, the copy was awkward and grammatically incorrect in places.  It was clearly written by someone who spoke English as a second language.

The new copy written by Susan Greene, American copywriter, was far more effective in converting website visitors into customers.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

We've seen a 60% increase in sales....

I wanted to give you some feedback on the new website you wrote for us a few months ago to promote our Forex software and programming services. We’ve seen a 60% increase in sales compared to our old site! Last month we set an all-time sales/income record! It is due to the great copy you wrote. Because of you, I now have so little free time. But that’s a good problem.

Best regards,

Zoltan Laszlo Ferenci
Dynamic Programming Solutions Corporation
Bucharest, Hungary

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