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E-CÜPON is a social buying network that offers daily deals in both Spanish and English.


When E-CUPON launched its business in Miami, it needed to generate some buzz that would attract vendors looking to promote their products on the network and potential buyers of those products who were willing to join the mailing list and receive E-CUPON’s daily offers.

Miami, and eventually all of Florida, was to be the testing ground for the social buying network. If the concept caught on, the owners of E-CUPON had plans to do a national rollout that would eventually compete with the industry giants such as Groupon and LivingSocial. On the distant horizon was even the possibility that the concept would be expanded to countries in Latin America.


Susan Greene was asked to write a press release that would attract attention from Miami-based TV and radio stations as well as local newspapers and magazines. The company’s owners asked that it include mention of the unique feature of E-CUPON: it published its daily deals in both English and Spanish.


The press release generated media stories that helped E-CUPON gain vendors and build its mailing list. It accomplished the stated goals.

The company grew rapidly during its first two years but then plateaued as buying networks seemed to fall out of favor. Unfortunately, E-CUPON was unable to become sufficiently profitable for the owners and investors. They ultimately closed the business.

(See press release below.)

E-CÜPON Emerges as a Force on Social Buying Scene

Offers “Happy Deals” in Florida, Rapid Expansion Planned

Miami, FL – April 3, 2012 – E-CÜPON has launched its social buying service in the Greater Miami area and received an overwhelmingly positive reception, attracting thousands of subscribers within its first few weeks.  Every day it emails those subscribers “Happy Deals,” which are special offers from area restaurants, spas, retail stores, movie theaters and more.  The company uses collective buying power to obtain discounts of 50%-90% from local businesses on their products and services.

Group-buying and online purchases of localized services through companies like E-CÜPON is a new concept rapidly gaining favor among consumers.

“Our goal with E-CÜPON is to create a win-win situation” explained Edgar Monserratt, CEO of E-CÜPON.  “Con­sumers are will­ing to spend on great deals.  They enjoy sampling new things to do, eat, see and buy.  Mer­chants view E-CÜPON as an economical platform to introduce their business to thousands of new cus­tomers, knowing that many of them will become repeat customers.”

In addition to the daily emails sent out by E-CÜPON to subscribers, the company relies on social media as a vehicle for spreading the word about its Happy Deals.  Subscribers can share deals with friends and family either by posting them on social networks like Facebook, writing about them on blogs or tweeting them on Twitter.

According to Internet Retailer magazine, 67% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase online based on recommendations from their social communities. That figure is steadily growing as the use of social networks increases and the concept of group buying and daily deals becomes more widely accepted.

“Today’s consumer is more social than ever,” Monserratt said.  “Merchants see social buying services like E-CÜPON as a way to help shoppers find, share and leverage buying power across channels like Facebook and other online communities.”

Mobile commerce provides another rapidly growing outlet for E-CÜPON.  Anyone using a smartphone can subscribe to E-CÜPON and receive their Happy Deals anywhere, anytime.

“We want our subscribers to look forward to seeing what E-CÜPON is offering each day,” Monserratt said.  Our Happy Deals are a fun, economical way to try a new restaurant, get a spray tan, see a movie, learn Bikram yoga or stretch their vacation dollars.  We’ll satisfy their desire for something new and different without breaking their budget.  Get a great deal; be happy!”


E-CÜPON is currently the only social buying network that offers its daily deals in both Spanish and English.  Subscribers can choose their preference.

The company, based in Miami, chose to launch its service in the South Florida market.  It intends to expand throughout Florida over the course of 2012 and then throughout the U.S. within the next 24 months.  Additional growth plans include Latin America.  The company is funded by Global Emerging Markets for the Americas (GEMA), a U.S. venture capital firm focused on technology start-ups.

To learn more about E-CÜPON and to subscribe to its daily Happy Deals emails, visit its website at www.E-CUPON.com or contact the company at info@E-CÜPON.com, 1.800.825.1569.

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

Your press release helped make the launch of E-CÜPON a success.

As a new company with a new product, we’ve had to work hard to gain exposure. The press release you wrote was quickly picked up on the search engines. We saw a spike in web traffic and had various media, both online and offline, publish our announcement. Your press release helped make the launch of E-CÜPON a success. Thank you!

Edgar Monserratt
Miami, Florida

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