East Coast Defender

Kissimmee, Florida

Land Rover Defenders have a cult following. East Coast Defender capitalizes on that following by taking base vehicles, breaking them down to nuts and bolts, and rebuilding them into highly customized vehicles sold to Defender enthusiasts. Prices start at about $100,000.



East Coast Defender was a British company that had recently moved to the U.S. to better service its growing client base in America.  It had a lengthy catalog detailing how the company customizes nearly every component of Defenders.  What it lacked was a brand-building brochure to introduce the company and its services to new prospects.

Additionally, the company realized that its existing marketing materials sounded British.  The new brochure needed to be written in American English so as to better connect with its American clients.



East Coast Defender contacted Susan Greene, brochure copywriter, to provide wording that would convey the company’s upscale image and appeal to U.S. Defender enthusiasts.



The brochure became East Coast Defender’s primary marketing piece, able to be mailed to prospects, distributed at trade shows, and even emailed in PDF form as a response to company inquiries. It also set the tone for future marketing materials created to further build the brand.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

100% Approved!


Your copy and the layout by Leigh are 100% approved!  Thank you for your efforts.  We are confident we now have a great brochure to support our product.  We hope to do a lot of future work with you related to our marketing and brand evolution. You’ll be hearing from us again soon!

Scott Wallace
Director of Marketing
East Coast Defender
Kissimmee, Florida

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