East Coast Defender

Orlando, Florida

Land Rover Defenders are a British four-wheel-drive vehicle developed from the original Land Rover Series launched in 1948. Today they have almost a cult following.

East Coast Defender capitalizes on their popularity by taking base vehicles, breaking them down to nuts and bolts, and rebuilding them into highly customized vehicles sold to Defender enthusiasts. Prices start at about $100,000.


East Coast Defender was a British automotive company that had recently moved to the U.S. to better service its growing client base in America.  It had a brand-building brochure to introduce the company and its services to new prospects.  What it lacked was a product brochure to differentiate the vehicle models available and the level of customization each one offered to customers.

Also, because every product was a custom commissioned vehicle that took three to six months to build, the company didn’t have a car lot full of vehicles on hand that customers could see and test drive, as is common with most automotive dealerships.

While customers were welcome to visit the 11,000 sq. ft. build facility and view vehicles in various states of development, they rarely got to see one that was complete, as finished those Defenders were immediately shipped off to their new owner.

A product brochure that described the different models in both words and pictures was a necessity.



Susan Greene, brochure writer, worked with the company’s Creative Lead to learn about the different models.  She wrote a brochure that not only told the East Coast Defender story but also explained how the company was uniquely qualified to create these super-high-end vehicles.




Each model was described in detail including the design specs and custom options available. Finally, the brochure built on the company’s theme of “Create It, Build It, Live It” that demonstrated how these vehicles were much more than automobiles; they were a lifestyle.



Whereas before clients had difficulty understanding the differences between the models and customization packages, this brochure laid out the information and made it easy for customers to compare all variables side by side and make a buying decision.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

The copy was clever, creative and 100% original.

I contacted Susan to work on a brochure project.  I was concerned that this experience would be similar to others I’d had in the past ​ working with copywriters.  I had received slow service and the copy they submitted was clearly recycled.

Susan put me at ease instantly. And the copy she wrote was clever, creative and 100% original.

Susan provided first class service.  She responded to every email and request in a timely fashion.  She was patient, and she truly took the time to understand who our company is.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the copy for our brochure.

Sirahdia Stewart
Creative Lead
East Coast Defender
Orlando, Florida

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