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Brooklyn, New York

In business since 1954, Edco Supply Corporation manufactures papers and bags that are specially treated to prevent corrosion. They are used to wrap, store and ship metal machine parts.

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For more than 60 years Edco had been selling its products to the military.  Now its owners wanted to target different vertical markets to increase its market share.  They contacted Susan Greene, a freelance brochure writer, to create printed materials aimed at electronics companies.





Susan wrote a brochure that described the problem manufacturers faced when shipping their electronic components to distributors and customers and explained how Edco’s moisture- and static-shielding bags would protect them.

She also persuaded Edco to offer a 15% discount on first orders to encourage new customers to give Edco’s products a try.


The brochure was mailed to several thousand electronics manufacturers and generated significant sales.  The ROI was so exceptional that Edco subsequently had Susan write and produce brochures targeting other vertical markets.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Persuasive copy

Until now, all of our marketing materials were just boring black-and-white price guides.  That was all we needed for our military-related packaging products. When we decided to branch out into some vertical markets, we knew we had to create brochures that had persuasive copy and an eye-catching design. And that’s what you’ve given us, Susan.

Together, you and [graphic designer] Christina make a great team.  We’re extremely pleased with the brochures you’ve created and plan to work with you on future marketing projects.

Howard Greenberg
Edco Supply Corporation
Bronx, New York

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