EOS Global Recruiting

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A global recruiting firm, EOS helps Vietnamese nurses immigrate to Canada where their services are needed to help with an aging population and where they can find career opportunities that they likely would not have in Vietnam.


Healthcare facilities across Canada are continually seeking well-trained nurses. As the country’s population ages, the shortage of healthcare workers is becoming increasingly profound.

EOS was established to recruit, vet and train nurses in Vietnam and help them to immigrate to Canada where they would have opportunities to thrive in their nursing career and could eventually gain citizenship.

EOS needed to build a website that would accomplish two goals:

  1. Attract quality Vietnamese recruits
  2. Give the company credibility with Canadian healthcare employers that might consider hiring those recruits. 


The two owners of EOS Global Recruiting asked Susan Greene, copywriter, to help them create a website that explained their services and their unique qualifications to undertake this recruiting challenge. One owner was a Canadian immigration expert and the other was a nursing professional who’d trained hundreds of nurses in the U.S.

Susan interviewed both owners and was impressed with how knowledgeable and accomplished they were in their respective professions.  

Additionally, she found they were passionate and sincere in their desire  to help quality Vietnamese healthcare workers immigrate to a country where they would have greater opportunities to succeed than at home while at the same time be providing much needed services to elderly Canadians. They provided plenty of helpful information for Susan to use in writing their website’s content. 

Susan was able to distill their company plan into persuasive copy for their Home, About Us, Services and FAQ pages.


EOS Global Recruiting launched its website and has found it to be an effective marketing tool in introducing its services to Vietnamese workers and also to Canadian healthcare employers.

The company is growing rapidly and the principals foresee a bright future. They remain firmly committed to helping Asian healthcare professionals find opportunity and career fulfillment by immigrating to Canada where their talents will be appreciated and they can contribute to reducing the severe shortage of senior caregivers. 

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