EuroAsia Products

Orlando, Florida

EuroAsia Products manufactures high-end kitchen utensils, bakeware and hardware for many well-respected name-brand retailers. Their clients include Williams-Sonoma, Bloomingdales, Lowe’s, Harrods and Home Depot. 

Their manufacturing is done overseas in countries like China and Thailand where they can keep costs low and take a hands-on role in ensuring quality production.
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EuroAsia Products has been in business since 1998 and relied on word-of-mouth and reputation to grow.  Now, with increasing competition, the owners decided it was time to improve its marketing materials.

The company’s website had been built in 2005, more than a decade ago.  Besides its unprofessional appearance, it was extremely outdated.  What little information it had was no longer accurate.

The company’s executives and sales people had long since given up using the website as a selling tool. A major update was overdue.


EuroAsia Products hired HighForge, a digital marketing firm in Orlando, Florida, to design a new website and more effectively tell the company’s story.

HighForge, in turn, brought in professional copywriter Susan Greene to compose the copy for the new website, approximately 20 pages.


Susan spent many hours speaking with the company’s key people.  She learned EuroAsia Products had been a pioneer in overseas manufacturing.  It had been largely responsible for the world-class quality standards now upheld by top Chinese and Thai factories.

Describing the company’s numerous accomplishments and detailing its extensive capabilities became Susan’s mission.



The new EuroAsia Products website has become a source of pride for the company.  It effectively tells their story and has become a marketing tool they now use to attract new high-end clients.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

An amazing first draft!


You did a fantastic job!  That was an amazing first draft.  And special thanks to you for your talent in getting the web copy to this final point.

John Bowers
EuroAsia Products Inc.
Orlando, Florida

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