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A Florida-based company, FeedingFrenzee is a local restaurant discount community for diners and a customer loyalty program for restaurants.


When FeedingFrenzee, a restaurant discount community and customer loyalty network, launched its Florida program, it needed to get the word out to local eateries about this new, affordable way to attract customers. By becoming part of FeedingFrenzee’s fast-growing community, smaller, independent restaurants would have the same marketing power as the large, established chain restaurants.


Susan Greene worked with Tinka Hooper, company president, to craft a press release that would spread the word in local media and online. Once the press release was distributed, sales representatives from FeedingFrenzee canvassed area restaurants to encourage their participation.


As soon as the press release introducing FeedingFrenzee was published, the company began receiving calls from restaurant owners who wanted to know how they could get involved. The press release created a buzz that also helped the company get interviews on local TV news and radio. The publicity began building the brand and paved the way for FeedingFrenzee representatives to get restaurant clients and eventually, for restaurants to attract patrons.

(See press release below.)

FeedingFrenzee Comes to South Florida

Creates Surge of Hungry New Customers for Local Restaurants

Pompano Beach, Florida – FeedingFrenzee, a restaurant discount community and customer loyalty network, has launched its South Florida program, giving local eateries a new, affordable way to attract customers.  Restaurants can join the community and have their establishment and special offers promoted to FeedingFrenzee’s many members for a small monthly fee.

“We understand that private restaurant owners often don’t have the time, budget or experience to create a marketing strategy and use today’s technology effectively,” explained Tinka Hooper, company president.

“That’s where FeedingFrenzee comes in.  We help them get the word out about their establishment at a fraction of the cost to do it on their own.  It levels the playing field.  When these smaller, independent restaurants become part of our fast-growing community, they have the same marketing power as the big guys.  They’re no longer David going up against Goliath.”

Restaurants receive a profile on the FeedingFrenzee portal, giving them broad exposure to the community’s members.  They can choose how much of a discount they offer members, from 5% to 25%, or perhaps a free appetizer, drink or dessert.   Additionally, to gain even more visibility, they can promote events such as live music night, a lunch special, happy hour or ladies night out.  These enticing announcements are sent out to the community’s members by email, Facebook and text message and often result in instant traffic to the restaurant.

Diners can join the FeedingFrenzee community for free.  They sign up online or in participating restaurants to receive a free FeedingFrenzee discount card that entitles them to benefits at all restaurants in the community.  They then choose which type of restaurants they’re interested in; for example, American, Sushi, Thai, Italian or those located in a specific geographic area.  They also select which types of specials they want to hear about, such as live music events, kids-eat-free days, or specific foods.

At the restaurant, diners show their FeedingFrenzee card to get the discount or special offer.  No more clipping coupons or saving various loyalty cards.  A single card makes the service extremely convenient for diners and for restaurants, too.

“FeedingFrenzee is a simple, inexpensive way for restaurants to explode their sales and profits,” explained Hooper.  “It helps them attract a steady stream of new customers while encouraging regular patrons to keep coming back.  These restaurants no longer have to place costly print ads or track coupons.  They get exposure to the entire FeedingFrenzee community, and the results are immediate!”

Restaurants can do an unlimited number of e-mail, text or Facebook promotions.  They’ll find the FeedingFrenzee service is easy to use and extremely flexible, allowing each individual restaurant to choose its level of participation.

Additionally, all restaurants receive FeedingFrenzee door stickers for their establishment and FeedingFrenzee discount cards to distribute for free to their patrons.

Currently, FeedingFrenzee is offering South Florida restaurants the opportunity to join the community and get their first two months of service for free and with no obligation.  The sign-up process is easy and takes less than 10 minutes.  Visit www.FeedingFrenzee.com for details or inquire at info@fFeedingFrenzee.com,

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

...all awesome, very creative.

Susan, the press release is perfect! Thanks so, so much. The titles were all awesome, very creative. We’ll likely use them in the release and also on our website and other marketing materials. Thanks so much!!!

Tinka Hooper
FeedingFrenzee, LLC
Pompano Beach, Florida

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