Fitch Services

Charlottesville, Virgina

Founded in 1983, Fitch Services offers HVAC, plumbing and electrical services to businesses and residences in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Fitch Services was a well established, successful business that was suddenly seeing increased competition in its area.  Younger, more aggressive companies were actively marketing their services online and beginning to chip away at Fitch’s customer base.

Owner John Fitch decided it was time to redesign, rewrite and add to his company’s website.  He hired Charlottesville SEO Web Development, an online marketing firm, to handle the project.


Susan Greene was brought in as the freelance copywriter to work with Charlottesville SEO Web Development to craft new copy for the Home page and many of the Services pages.

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Susan also wrote numerous SEO articles about relevant subjects such as How to Choose an Electrician, Why You Need a Water Softener, How Acid Neutralizers Help Protect Your Pipes, When to Replace your HVAC System and more.


The new home page did a far better job of converting visitors into prospects, as was evidenced by the reduced bounce rate (visitors leaving the site without making contact) and the increase in new business inquiries.

The SEO articles helped Fitch Services gain top placement on Google for its most important keywords as well as some of the lesser known niche areas that can attract new customers.  Susan continues to provide new SEO content on a regular basis to keep the site’s upward momentum going.

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