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Established in 1977, Florida Auto Plus offers car insurance and has also carved out a specialty niche of working with clients who have a DUI in their past.
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Florida Auto Plus / FR44.net is a well-established auto insurance company servicing clients throughout South Florida. One of the niches it serves is brokering insurance policies to drivers who’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI in the past but have now met all the requirements to have their license reinstated. The company decided to create a spin-off website that talked about that particular specialty.


Blue Mountain Web was brought in to handle the design and development of the new site. Susan Greene, copywriter, was asked to write content that explained the insurance agency’s services regarding FR-44 policies, a type of insurance that Florida requires for drivers who’ve had a DUI or DWI. 

Florida Auto Insurance Copywriter

Susan worked closely with insurance agency owner Clifford Schimek to build a site that served not only as a sales tool but also a detailed and reliable information source for drivers navigating license reinstatement.

Cliff has insured thousands of drivers and has an exceptional understanding of the FR-44 requirements. He provided the facts and Susan wove them into easy-to-understand web pages that encouraged visitors to contact the auto insurance agency, assuring them they would not be judged or disrespected for their prior driving history.

auto insurance copywriter


The new website helped position Florida Auto Plus as the authority on FR-44 auto insurance. It generates a steady flow of customers for the company and provides instant credibility for the company in its specialized area of expertise.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Happy with the product

Hi Susan,
I reviewed the web copy. I’m happy with the product and grateful for your efforts. Your suggestions throughout the process were most welcomed and valued. I’ll be requesting your services again soon.

Cliff Schimek
Florida Auto Plus Insurance
Palmetto Bay, Florida

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