Good Measure Wines

Atlanta, Georgia

Good Measure Wines are part of a boutique family of artisan wines sold under the Crafted Brands label.


Crafted Brands had been successfully selling its Good Measure Wines through select wine stores around the country. When it decided to begin offering online ordering in response to customer demand, it needed a way to get the word out.

Susan Greene, a landing page copywriter, wrote the copy. In addition to describing the wines, Susan told the story of how Crafted Brands curates legendary vineyards, innovative growers and exceptional winemaking talent to create small, limited quantities of its brands. 


Crafted Brands hired Inovo Studios, an Atlanta digital agency, to develop a landing page that would attract wine lovers and pique their interest in these handcrafted chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines.


Crafted Brands used a variety of advertising platforms to drive traffic to the landing page, which increased visibility for the winemaker and helped the company to launch its online sales.

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