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Woodstock, Georgia

Grow Smart Marketing specializes in medical marketing, helping physician practices, medical facilities and other healthcare providers promote their services and attract patients.


Grow Smart Marketing, a highly successful digital marketing firm, was expanding rapidly. Its most common bottleneck was copywriting. Writing medical copy required a great deal of research and someone who could take technical information and make it understandable for the layperson.

Additionally, Grow Smart Marketing had a long, successful track record. They knew what worked. They wanted a copywriter who could follow their well-established formula for creating medical copy.


CEO Neil Gass contacted Susan Greene to assist with copywriting for some of their clients. He and his team provided creative direction as well as managed the projects start to finish, as is often done when working with a freelance copywriter.

The first project was for a physician’s practice in Nevada. Neil wanted a lengthy landing page that spoke to the symptoms, emotional challenges and treatment options for people suffering with lupus. It had to be informative without overwhelming the reader. It also needed to be written with SEO best practices in mind.


In less than one week Susan Greene submitted copy for the landing page, which totaled more than 3,500 words. Neil was extremely pleased with the copy as was his physician client. Google Adwords is used to drive traffic to the landing page, which encourages prospective patients to contact the physician’s practice for an initial consultation.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You knocked it out of the park!

Hi Susan,

I just received the landing page you did for the physician’s practice and I love it! You and Christina [graphic designer] knocked it out of the park!¬†Great work on this. Very happy with the results here.


Neil Gass
Grow Smart Marketing, LLC
Woodstock, Georgia

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