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Woodstock, Georgia

Grow Smart Marketing specializes in medical marketing, helping physician practices, medical facilities and other healthcare providers promote their services and attract patients.


Grow Smart Marketing’s client was a California physician’s practice that offered regenerative stem cell therapy. The agency had been using a landing page designed and written in-house for months. Although the landing page was getting results, CEO Neil Gass thought it might be time to try a fresh approach. He knew he needed to work with someone who was comfortable writing medical copy and capable of taking technical information and simplifying it for non-medical people.


Neil provided Susan Greene, copywriter, with creative direction as well as all the elements that needed to appear on the landing page, including videos, graphics and key selling points. The landing page had to attract potential patients with chronic joint pain to a seminar on the subject of regenerative stem cell therapy to be hosted by the physician’s practice. It had to be written in an educational tone and hit multiple keyword phrases for SEO.


Within one week Susan Greene submitted copy for the landing page, which totaled more than 3,500 words. She then worked closely with a graphic designer to develop an eye-catching layout. Neil was pleased with the end result and optimistic the physician’s practice would approve the new copy and design, at which point Google AdWords would be used to drive traffic to the landing page.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You knocked it out of the park!

Hi Susan,

I just received the landing page you did for the physician’s practice and I love it! You and Christina [graphic designer] knocked it out of the park!¬†Great work on this. Very happy with the results here.


Neil Gass
Grow Smart Marketing, LLC
Woodstock, Georgia

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