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Grow Smart Marketing specializes in medical marketing, helping physician practices, medical facilities and other healthcare providers promote their services and attract patients.


Grow Smart Marketing had a client that was a physician practice offering three types of treatment for back pain: spinal decompression therapy, cold laser therapy and advanced spinal rehabilitation. The practice had requested a landing page that explained how and why the therapies worked and offered a free consultation as its call-to-action.


CEO of Grow Smart Marketing Neil Gass, provided Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter who frequently works with the marketing agency, with creative direction and medical information to write the copy for the landing page. The landing page had to be detailed and lengthy but divided into easy-to-read sections that together built a convincing story for people suffering with back pain.

By incorporating a variety of visuals and media with the text, it would speak to all of the key talking points the physician’s practice felt were pertinent. Susan wrote the copy and then worked closely with Christina, graphic designer, to create a visually appealing presentation.


Both Neil and the physician practice were pleased with the design and content of the landing page. Google AdWords is being used to drive traffic to the page, which is successfully persuading visitors to take advantage of the free consultation offer and consider becoming patients of the practice.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You knocked it out of the park!

Hi Susan,

I just received the landing page you did for the physician’s practice and I love it! You and Christina [graphic designer] knocked it out of the park!¬†Great work on this. Very happy with the results here.


Neil Gass
Grow Smart Marketing, LLC
Woodstock, Georgia

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