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Grow Smart Marketing specializes in medical marketing, helping physician practices, medical facilities and other healthcare providers promote their services and attract patients.


Grow Smart Marketing had a physician client offering a new type of therapy to people recovering from an injury or surgery.  CEO Neil Gass had gathered together information, video testimonials and machine specs related to this unique therapy. Now he needed them to be creatively incorporated into a cohesive, persuasive landing page. He looked to Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter who frequently works with his marketing agency, to create the copy.


Neil provided Susan with creative direction. The landing page had to be detailed and inclusive of the many diverse components but divided into digestible sections that together built a persuasive story for the target audience.

Additionally, the copy had to target athletes as well as seniors, as both groups, although markedly different, could benefit from the therapy.

Therapy Landing Page

Susan wrote the copy, incorporated all the key selling points as well as medical details, and then worked closely with Christina M., graphic designer, to create an eye-catching presentation.


Both Neil and his marketing agency’s physician-client were¬† pleased with the final product. Google AdWords will soon be used to drive traffic to the landing page.

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