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Woodstock, Georgia

Grow Smart Marketing specializes in medical marketing, helping healthcare providers promote their services and attract patients/clients.


Grow Smart Marketing, a Georgia marketing agency, was working with a client company that offered a new type of scientifically-proven hair restoration procedure. Part of their marketing strategy involved creating a landing page to generate leads.

The page would have to strike a balance between the scientific facts and the emotional issues that often accompany thinning hair and baldness.


CEO Neil Gass brought in Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter who frequently works with Grow Smart Marketing, to write the copy.

Susan divided the landing page into separate sections that spoke to the various selling points, provided the facts about the procedure, and offered proof in the form of testimonials and as-seen-on-TV videos. 

Hair restoration landing page


Both Neil and his marketing agency’s client were  pleased with the final product. Google AdWords will soon be used to drive traffic to the landing page.

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