Industrial Electric Machinery (IEM)

Longview, Washington; Visalia, California; and Carson, California

Industrial Electric Machinery (IEM) has a solid reputation in the electro-mechanical industry, providing engineering, field services, testing, maintenance and repair of all types of electrical systems for over 30 years.
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Industrial Electrical Machinery has been providing expert motor repair services since 1988. It’s a one-stop shop for NEMA motors, motor controls, protective relays, switchgear, low and medium voltage drives, transformers, UPS batteries and more. Its clients include some of the country’s industrial giants like Siemens, GE, US Motors and Teco Westinghouse.

In 2019, IEM acquired and merged with several other companies, greatly expanding its capacity and services. To attract new customers and also let existing customers know the full range of its abilities, IEM needed to redo of its website.


IEM hired Thrive Design to create an updated and upgraded website. Thrive Design brought in Susan Greene to write the copy for the new web pages, being sure to explain IEM’s expanded services and capabilities.

Susan spoke with the IEM marketing team to learn about the company and  determine how to organize and write the copy. She interviewed key people and researched their competitors. IEM wanted to be sure the new web copy would highlight the depth of its experience, its unrivaled capacity to handle large, industrial projects and its full range of capabilities.


The website projects a new, improved image for IEM, one fitting for the industry market leader that they are. The copy is detailed and somewhat technical, ensuring that it speaks to the people in the industries it serves.

The new copy is optimized for SEO to give IEM maximum visibility. It’s also written to maximize conversions — persuade visitors to its website to contact the company for a quote on their industrial-electrical project. 

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You rose to the challenge

We knew the Industrial Electric Machinery (IEM) project was going to be complicated. The website required so many pages, and the copy was extremely technical. You rose to the challenge. Thank you for your help on this project. The client was delighted with how everything turned out. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Noah Britton
Thrive Design
Seattle, Washington

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