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Sydney, Australia

iReviewBuilder helps businesses in Australia to obtain positive Google reviews from their customers, a proven strategy for increasing sales and building a brand.


iReview Builder was offering a 30-day free trial of its service on its website.  But it wasn’t getting many signups.  And people who contacted the company seemed to be having a difficult time understanding how the service worked.


Owner Joseph Puglisi contacted Susan Greene to write a new landing page that would also serve as the website’s home page.  It would need to clarify the features and benefits of the service and persuade visitors to enroll in the free trial.

Susan knew the rewritten copy would require a new design to be effective.  She brought in Ben Ursal, a talented web designer with whom she frequently partners, to create the landing page’s new look.


Susan and Ben worked together to greatly simplify the description of the service by breaking it down into numbered steps.  They also employed a variety of techniques to gently push the visitor to sign up.  Directional arrows at transition points helped to keep the visitor reading through each section of the landing page.

Abundant white space and descriptive subheads were used to draw attention to key features and benefits.  Screenshots helped illustrate the ease of using the iReview Builder service.


As soon as the new landing page was launched, the site began generating more inquiries.  Visitors also seemed to have a much better understanding of how the service worked and how it could benefit their business.

Joseph was so pleased with the new look of the landing page that he intends to continue working with Susan and Ben to redesign the other existing pages of the website in the same style.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

The writing and layout are fantastic!


Thank you both for the great work. I love what you and Ben {Ben Ursal, web designer} have created for my landing page. The writing and layout are fantastic!

Joseph Puglisi
iReview Builder
Sydney, Australia

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