Job Hunting in a Tough Economy

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To promote an e-book I wrote and designed, I created a detailed landing page.
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The 257-page e-book, “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy,” tells readers how to craft a killer resume,  write cover letters that open doors and handle interviews with the composure of a movie star. It combines  how-to information with actual job hunting success stories and inspirational words of  encouragement. The book received excellent reviews from industry experts and readers.

The challenge, however, was to get the word out about the book.  My target market was professionals who already have some work experience in their field. My goal was to get them to the landing page and persuade them to either sign up to receive my Job Hunting Report (so I could capture their email address) or purchase my e-book.

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To attract prospective buyers, I crafted a detailed landing page that described the book, explained the benefits the reader could expect from following its recommendations, and described numerous bonus products that would be given free with every e-book purchase. The full landing page can be read here,


The landing page not only resulted in numerous e-book sales; it also attracted people in the job placement industry such as recruiters and career coaches, to contact me and propose joint ventures. Those joint ventures, some of which were with international partners, in turn led to additional book sales and publicity.


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