Joe Welch Photography

Miami, Florida

Joe Welch Photography offers professional photography services to realtors, architects and construction companies throughout South Florida.
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Joe Welch is a well-established photographer in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. Most of his work comes from realtors who hire him to create beautiful photos of their listings. 

Joe had a website he’d been using for many years. He knew it was time for an update. He wanted the new website to help him attract more and bigger clients, expand his services and showcase more of his work. 


Joe hired Susan Greene to rewrite his website from scratch, creating new pages for each of his photography services (resort, architectural, insurance, etc.) as well as the key menu pages like Home, FAQs and About.

The new content allowed Joe to promote his unique capabilities in each of the target markets he serves. At the same time, the copy Susan wrote was search engine optimized to help Joe rank on Google for keywords relevant to his target markets.


The new website does a much better job of showcasing Joe Welch’s beautiful photography work and describing his extensive capabilities. The site looks and feels contemporary. It’s easy to navigate and visitors can easily find detailed information on Joe’s services.

Joe feels this site takes his business to a new level and will result in him attracting more clients and bigger clients with larger photography budgets.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

I wouldn't change a thing

You did a fantastic job! I am very happy with all that you wrote. I love your attention to detail and timely responses. After I read all that you wrote about my photography work, I wanted to hire me!

I thought we’d have a lot of going back and forth as I sat down with my printed sheets, clip board, highlighter and pen — none of which I needed. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Joseph Welch
Joe Welch Photography
Pompano Beach, Florida

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