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Seattle, Washington

Leeward Financial Partners is a wealth management and financial planning firm.
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Leeward Financial Partners works with upscale clients, providing them with wealth management, investing and financial planning services. Because of the founders’ excellent reputation, the company was able to attract clients primarily by word of mouth.

But in 2022, the founders decided it was time to upgrade their website to better reflect the high caliber of their firm. They knew they needed a new web design and also more detailed copy that would explain what they do and position them as the market leaders they were.


Leeward Financial Partners brought in Thrive, a Seattle web design firm to give the website a makeover. Thrive contracted with Susan Greene to handle the copywriting portion of the project. They chose Susan because of her experience writing for professional service firms including financial management companies.

Wealth Management Copywriter

One of Susan’s key recommendations was that Leeward break out its individual services into separate pages — as opposed to a single page titled “Services” — that would include detailed descriptions. Together, the pages would represent the depth and breadth of the services Leeward provides:

  • Asset Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning & Philanthropic Strategy
  • Managing RSUs
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Socially Responsible Investing

Wealth management copywriterResult

The newly designed website looked and sounded far better than the old. It was sophisticated, giving visitors a good first impression. It also had much more copy, which clarified Leeward’s unique capabilities and services.

Copywriter for financial planners

The new site also positioned Leeward to attract and convert the right types of clients, those with substantial assets who were ready for next-level financial management.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Nice work!

Only 3 small adjustments to [the web copy] you sent. Nice work! 

Jim Ridgeway
Leeward Financial Partners
Seattle, Washington

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