Levelle Shoes

Los Angeles, California

A California-based, e-commerce shoe company, Levelle offers fashion-forward footware with innovative designs and well-constructed silhouettes.

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The principals of Levelle Shoes wanted to launch their online shoe business on Amazon as soon as they had their product inventory in hand. They knew competition would be stiff but felt confident they could be successful if their product descriptions copy was compelling. 


Levelle Shoes hired Susan Greene, copywriter, to write product descriptions that were interesting, persuasive and search engine optimized (SEO). They told her their vision for the company and asked her to craft copy that fit their innovative approach. 


product descriptions copywriter



copywriter for shoe descriptions


The brand launch on Amazon was successful and Levelle immediate began seeing orders for its shoes. With aggressive plans for growth, the company is moving forward with new shoe designs, building its inventory and developing awareness of its brand. 

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

Perfect product descriptions

Hi Susan, thank you very much. The product descriptions are perfect! And I appreciate the quick turnaround and quality of your work. I just sent over payment.

Brian Pham
Managing Director
Levelle Shoes
Los Angeles, California

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