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Working with recovery facilities nationwide

LIFTT is an organization that helps guide and support individuals recovering from a substance abuse disorder.


LIFTT offers a wide range of critical services to individuals and their families dealing with addiction. The organization needed a promotional write-up that it could give out to treatment facilities around the country to refer LIFTT’s services to its clients.

The write-up had to be able to fit within a treatment facility’s own brochure as an unattached enclosure. At the same time, it couldn’t just be a typed handout. It had to look and sound professional to gain the trust of potential clients.


Susan Greene, copywriter, was asked to help develop the write-up. Working with her graphic designer, she created a two-sided flyer that briefly explained the organization. The flyer was designed to be neatly tucked within other existing brochures, implying it offered add-on services that were separate but complementary.

The flyer paired uplifting, hope-filled images with a brief description of LIFTT’s services.


The directors of LIFTT Confidential were extremely pleased with the way the flyer turned. Copy and design worked hand-in-hand to promote the program’s services and establish the organization as reputable.

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