Magitex Décor

Miami, Florida

Established in Miami, Florida in 2001, Magitex Decor sells decorative fabrics for draperies, curtains and furniture upholstery.
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Magitext Decor Website Copy

magitex homepage


Magitex Décor had a website that ranked high on search engines like Google. That meant it had plenty of traffic, but the site’s analytics showed that most visitors quickly clicked off the site, often within seconds.

Ari Greenfield, president of Magitex Décor, asked Susan Greene, website copywriter, to review the site and see if she could determine what was causing visitors to leave without looking at their online catalog nor contacting the company to make a purchase.

Susan was able to quickly diagnose the problem. The copywriter who’d written the content had composed the text solely for the search engines. Keywords and links were strategically placed to score points in Google’s eyes, but the content was confusing to the reader. It offered little useful information and most sentences were worded poorly, as though the copywriter was not a native English speaker.

magitex about us page


Susan rewrote the copy from scratch. It was worded with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind so that Magitex Décor would maintain its high ranking on Google, but now it gave relevant facts about the company’s products and had a smooth flow that kept the reader engaged.


Magitex Décor continues to come up on page 1 of Google and other search engines for its main keywords, which translates to lots of traffic. However, visitors now spend a lot more time on the website, reading through the pages, checking out the online catalog and finally, contacting Magitex Décor to make a purchase.

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