Mr. Sea Miami Boat Rentals

Miami, Florida

Mr. Sea Miami Boat Rentals is the premier boat rental company serving the Greater Miami, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach and Haulover areas.
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Founded in 2018, Mr. Sea Miami Boat Rentals quickly became popular among the millions of tourists who visit the Greater Miami area each year. Those visitors wanted to spend a day on the area’s beautiful waterways. Mr. Sea Miami could provide any type of boat they desired, from a speedboat to a yacht, along with an experienced captain who knew the area well. 

The company had been steadily growing and was benefiting from referrals and repeat business, but at the same time, competition had been increasing. In order to build on its success, Mr. Sea Miami needed to improve its simple website.


A Miami web design firm was chosen and Susan Greene was brought in to produce the copy. Susan spoke with the owner on multiple occasions and learned that Mr. Sea Miami was different than other boat rental companies. It was far more reliable in terms of meeting client requests and provided a higher level of service. The owner wanted to be sure that dedication to customer satisfaction came through in the copy.

Susan composed new text that told the company’s story. It was was written with SEO in mind, helping to ensure Mr. Sea Miami’s prominent placement on Google.

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The new copy helped Mr. Sea Miami attract new customers and compete more effectively with other area boat rental companies. 

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Great job

That’s perfect, Susan! You did a great job on the web copy. I’ll contact you again for sure. Thank you!

Leonardo Galarza
Mr. Sea Miami Boat Rentals
Miami, Florida

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