Muse Group

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Living Entrepreneurial is a program designed by Muse Group that teaches students the skills needed for successful business ownership.


When Muse Group, a multi-national training institute in Malaysia, created a new educational program targeted at entrepreneurs, it needed assistance in marketing the program.  The institute decided to create a small introductory brochure and a more detailed 20-page brochure for serious prospects.

Because the Living Entrepreneurial program would attract students from many different countries, the promotional materials needed to be in English. The company wanted a native English speaker to write the copy.


Susan Greene was provided with the course curriculum and asked to write both the short and long brochures.


Tri-fold Brochure - Living Entrepreneurial Program

The short brochure was a tri-fold that could be easily put into a standard envelope and mailed to individual prospects or distributed at trade shows and seminars to participants.


The Living Entrepreneurial program was promoted at trade shows and online.  The brochures were effective in attracting students and persuading them to meet with administrators who then moved the sales process along.





Living Entrepreneurial Program Brochure

The 20-page brochure provided details about the syllabus and curriculum for the Living Entrepreneurial Program.

The first Living Entrepreneurial program was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia followed by Brisbane Australia. Because of the program’s success, other locations will soon be added.

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