National SAM Innovation Project

Louisville, Kentucky

National SAM Innovation Project (NSIP) is a training program for school principals and teachers to improve instructional leadership and increase their effectiveness in working with students.

National SAM Innovation

National SAM Innovation Brochure


NSIP needed a brochure it could send to school boards across the country to persuade them to invest in its training program.  With education budgets tight, the brochure had to be persuasive in stating the many benefits schools could expect to realize if they received training from NSIP.


One Solution Studio of Tampa, Florida was hired as the graphic design firm for NSIP.  They contracted Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to write the content for the brochure.

Susan spoke by phone with NSIP’s key executives and reviewed the documentation that explained how the NSIP training program worked as well as numerous case studies that demonstrated its success.


The brochure was printed and sent to thousands of school boards and also individual schools around the country.  Over 700 schools in 18 states have now received and implemented NSIP training.

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