Occupational Health Solutions of New England

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Occupational Health Solutions is a healthcare practice focused on treating workplace injuries.

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A healthcare startup, Occupational Health Solutions of New England was just beginning its marketing program. The company offered a variety of medical services that were much-needed in its region, but few people knew the new practice existed.

To begin their marketing, the sales team planned to visit physician offices and large employers in the area that could refer patients. They wanted an informational packet they could leave behind that would keep their services top-of-mind.


Working with a talented graphic designer, Susan Greene created the written content for a folder/brochure package that would contain a variety of components:

  • The company’s mission statement and objectives written inside the folder
  • A brochure promoting its main service — emergency care 
  • Data sheets that promoted other individual services, such as trauma care, mental health services and industrial medicine. New data sheets could be created if the practice added services
  • The salesperson’s business card as a handy reference

The components fit together in a convenient packet that the salespeople could present in their meetings and then leave behind with prospects. The packet was substantial and gave the impression the practice was well-established. That fact was further bolstered by details in the copy.


Occupational Health Solutions quickly gained traction in the market and soon had a strong patient and referral base. The folder helped spread the word about the new practice and also offered great flexibility as the practice grew and added or changed services. Other complementary marketing pieces were later created using a similar writing style and design, maintaining consistency through the brand.

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