OcuBright Brochure

Hackensack, New Jersey

OcuBright is a New Jersey-based company that manufactures pharmaceuticals for dogs and cats.

Ocubright Website copywriting by Susan Greene


The company was launching a new product for dogs that removed dark stains beneath the eyes due to excessive tearing.  It needed a brochure to introduce the product and explain its benefits to veterinarians.


Susan Greene, brochure writer, partnered with a graphic designer to create the brochure, focusing on the impressive results OcuBright delivered in clinical tests.

Ocubright Brochure


The company has had significant success gaining visibility and market share for its tearstain product.  Sales are increasing nearly every month.  The promotional efforts are on-going and Susan continues to provide marketing consulting and copywriting services to OcuBright.


Here's what the client said about the copy:

I love the copy you wrote for our dog pharmaceutical products

Thank you so much! I love the copy you wrote for our dog pharmaceutical products. You are a very skilled writer, and your contribution to our recent product launch was invaluable. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your talent.

Thanks again.

Yoram Yogev
OcuBright, LLC
Teaneck, New Jersey

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