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Atlanta, Georgia

On the Go is a fitness app that offers fitness classes and personal training.
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Johanna has always been a fitness enthusiast. But finding the time to go to the gym and take an exercise class or meet with a fitness trainer wasn’t easy when she worked long days at her job and had a lengthy commute. Out of personal necessity came her idea to create an app that would allow people to work out anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

On the Go app has on demand workout videos and plans, live classes and 1:1 virtual personal training with top trainers for numerous types of workouts. Once the app became available in the App store, Johanna needed to advertise it and realized she needed a website to explain all that it could do.


Johanna hired Inovo Studios to design the website. They in turn contracted Susan Greene to serve as fitness copywriter for the project.

The copy had to target three distinct groups:

  • Trainees — Individuals looking to up their fitness game
  • Trainers — Private trainers who wanted to provide personal training virtually and could also create workout videos
  • Fitness Studios — Gyms and workout facilities that wanted to offer the app to their members branded with their own name

Susan was able to write copy that explained the benefits to each of the groups and persuaded them to check out the app and potentially become customers.

Fitness copywriter


Johanna created ad campaigns that ran on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, driving traffic to the website. The copy on the website drove traffic to the app where prospects were able to download a 7-day trial and then, hopefully, decide to join On The Go.

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