One Fifty One at Biscayne

North Miami, Florida

One Fifty One at Biscayne is a condominium development in North Miami, Florida. It includes two 25-story towers.
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One Fifty One at Biscayne

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Global Real Estate Company was one of the real estate agencies offered an opportunity to sell the condos in this development.  It decided to create a website wholly dedicated to One Fifty One at Biscayne.


Florida copywriter Susan Greene was brought in to manage the website project and write all the content.  She interviewed the development team, sales people and realtors and worked hand-in-hand with the web designer to create the 20+ page website.  She also wrote an 8-page report and 6-page data sheet offered as follow-up to prospective buyers who inquired about the property through the website.


The website immediately rose to the top of Google for the name One Fifty One at Biscayne.  The property developers had purchased huge billboards on major roads in North Miami.  Thousands of people who saw them then turned to Google to get more information on the property, which led them to Global Real Estate’s website.  Over 200 condos were sold in a matter of months.

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

The website was launched in record time.

Susan came in, did her research and very quickly developed an organizational plan for the website.  She oversaw the website design and wrote all the copy.  The website was launched in record time.

We were amused to hear that when onsite sales people were hired at One Fifty One at Biscayne, they were told to read our website to learn about the property.  Even though we were an independent real estate company and not the developers of the property, our website became their best training tool because of all the detailed information Susan had written.

I enjoyed working with Susan Greene on this project and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Taylor Platt
Web Designer
Global Real Estate Company
Miami, Florida

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