Orbis Innovations in Produce

Pompano Beach, Florida

Orbis Innovations is a global importer of fresh, organic produce, supplying wholesalers and retailers around the U.S. and Canada.


Orbis Innovations in Produce works directly with growers throughout the world to obtain the highest quality fruits and vegetables. Founder Elvis Obregon is passionate about providing consumers with the freshest, organic produce and wanted to be sure the About Us page on his website explained how they’re different than your average food importer.


Orbis Innovations decided to work with Susan Greene, copywriter, on the content for their About Us page. 

Susan interviewed Elvis and was able to tell the story of Orbis’s partnership with growers and how they support organic farming best practices. Orbis doesn’t only buy produce; it works closely with farmers to plan, grow, harvest and ship their products. That hands-on interaction throughout the process helps Orbis to ensure the finest, freshest quality.

Also key to the story, was how Orbis  Innovations carefully considers the environmental, economic and social impact of growing and distributing fresh produce, from farm to fork.


The company launched its website. Owner Elvis was pleased the About Us page gave customers an insight into how passionate he is about produce. It has helped open the door to many new wholesale and retail clients.

The rapidly growing company currently offers over 30 different fruits and vegetables imported from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Chile and Ecuador. In addition to its fresh and organic products, it has launched a division called Orbis Frozen, which features its frozen line of products. Elvis intends to work with Susan on future marketing materials as the company expands.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Exactly what we needed

Good Morning Susan,
The copy you wrote for the About Us page is perfect. It’s exactly what we needed. I will be sending you other things to write for our catalog and websites. Thank you, Susan.

Elvis Obregon
Orbis Innovations in Produce
Pompano Beach, Florida

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