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PackagingNOW distributes custom-made packaging made of biodegradable molded fiber. Their packages are used for packing and shipping fruit, vegetables, eggs, electronics, wine and numerous other products.
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PackagingNOW is a well-established European company. With the growing global trend toward using sustainable, biodegradable materials that don’t harm the environment, the company wanted to begin selling its products to companies in the U.S.

It had a brochure presentation that was effective for the European market. Initially, PackagingNOW had the copy translated into English by a translator, but it contained many  grammatical and spelling errors.

More importantly, it didn’t sound like it had been written by an American. Many of the sentences were awkwardly worded and some of the selling points that would have resonated with an American audience had been overlooked.


Susan Greene rewrote the brochure copy to be technically correct in English and to appeal to American customers.


PackagingNow has launched its U.S. division. Marketing efforts are underway using the brochure presentation. It is sent via email to prospective customers interested in the company’s products. The new brochure copy reads smoothly and no longer sounds like it was written by someone who is a non-native American English speaker.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

It targets the American market

Your work on the PackagingNow brochure presentation is excellent. The copy is easy to read and gives the reader a comprehensive overview of our products and capabilities. We’ve already begun sending the brochure out to prospective customers. It targets the American market much better than the original brochure, which was merely a translation of our European materials.

Russ Semeran
PackagingNOW U.S.
New York, New York

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