Pagano & Marks

Richmond, Virginia

Pagano & Marks is a Virginia law firm that handles all types of cases including personal injury, business, family and bankruptcy law.


Although Pagano & Marks had a website that described it’s full range of services, it wanted a landing page dedicated to its unique bankruptcy law capabilities. The landing page had to be comprehensive, describing all aspects of their bankruptcy work and also explaining the compassionate manner in which they handle their bankruptcy clients.

Furthermore, the landing page needed to support the firm’s well-developed brand as “Richmond’s bankruptcy lawyers.”


The law firm’s advertising agency was Marketing Buddah in Richmond, Virginia. Marketing Buddah came up with a media strategy for designing and driving traffic to the landing page. They contracted Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter who specializes in crafting landing pages, to create the copy.


While it’s too soon to tally results for the landing page, the law firm now has a highly detailed, informative marketing tool it can use to further grow the successful bankruptcy law portion of their business. Furthermore, the landing page increases the law firm’s brand awareness by positioning Pagano & Marks as Richmond, Virginia’s authority and industry leader on bankruptcy law.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You nailed it right out of the gate

Short answer… the client loved it! They didn’t request revisions or have any material changes to your landing page copy. So you nailed it right out of the gate.¬†Great job!

Jason Moreau
Marketing Buddah
Richmond, Virginia

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