Peak Sports & Spine PT

Bellevue, Washington

Founded in 1996, Peak Sports & Spine PT is an independent, locally-owned physical therapy practice that helps patients get better and move better after an injury or from an orthopedic condition or surgery.
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Copywriting Challenge

The physical therapy and rehabilitation practice was well-established in Washington with six locations. As the company continued to grow, its principals decided their website needed a refresh to better represent its services and attract more clients.


Peak Sports & Spine selected Thrive Design of Seattle to design and develop a new website. Susan Greene, copywriter, was added to the team to write the new site’s many pages. Susan spoke with Peak’s key people to gain an understanding of the business and the full range of physical therapy and rehab services it offers. 

copywriting for physical therapy practice


The new website was a substantial improvement over the old one. Besides a more attractive design and intuitive navigation, it better portrayed the image of a company with a 20+ year history, a solid reputation, and an unsurpassed track record of helping patients feel better.

copywriter for physical therapists

When it comes to health-related issues, such as pain and injury, visitors to your website — who are likely prospective patients — are hungry for information. They want to know if you can solve their health problem.

The new website for Peak Sports & Spine provides visitors with the answers they seek. It explains the: 

  • Types of problems they treat — recovery from injury, rehab after surgery, etc.
  • Services they provide — physical therapy, spinal care, etc. 
  • Benefits patients can expect — better flexibility, mobility, stability, etc. 

By the time a visitor is done perusing the Peak Sports & Spine website, they’re likely to take the next step: scheduling their first appointment.

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