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In 2007 the U.S. had the largest pet food recall in American history. One of the thousands of dogs affected by the tainted food was Nala, a bull mastiff, which suffered kidney damage but somehow survived.

Her owner, Tom Pantano, was inspired by Nala’s near-death experience to research what was in the food he’d been feeding her. What he learned shocked him.

He found many name-brand dog food companies spent big money on advertising and beautiful packaging but skimped on actual ingredients. They used cheap fillers that were hard to digest and some that were even known to cause health problems. Unfortunately, more nutritious alternative pet foods were hard to find in stores.

Tom Pantano became a man on a mission. With his new understanding of pet nutrition, Tom created Pet Food Zoom. The service would deliver only the most healthy, high-quality brand-name pet food directly to pet owners.

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To create a need for his service, Tom Pet Food Zoom had to take pet owners on the educational journey that Tom Pantano had completed.  They had to be made aware of the perils of inferior pet food.  They then had to be shown that better food options existed and, through Pet Food Zoom, could be conveniently delivered right to their door.


Susan Greene, website copywriter, worked closely with Tom Pantano to create a website that was educational and effectively communicated Tom’s heartfelt message.

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Pet Food Zoom was successfully launched in Chicago and is continually building its customer base.  Today, it has expanded to additional cities in Illinois.  The company has also added to its product line, selling all types of quality pet items from leashes and toys to grooming tools and bones.

Ask Tom Pantano what he considers his biggest achievement, and it’s not the success of his business; it’s the thousands of dogs and other pets that are now living longer and healthier thanks to the nutritious foods his company provides.

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