PetGlad LLC

San Diego, California

PetGlad is an online retailer offering pet food and pet supplies. It sells over 15,000 different pet products, and most can be delivered to your door anywhere in the U.S. within 24-48 hours.


PetGlad wanted to increase sales of its auto-ship program, which allows customers to select pet food, treats and supplies and schedule them for automatic delivery every week, every month or on a customized schedule.

In addition to its convenience, the program was attractive because customers received a 5% discount on everything they ordered and shipping was free for orders over $49.

The problem was that nobody was signing up.  On the website, the auto-ship program was listed but it wasn’t explained.  Clicking on the auto-ship program link took visitors to the website’s contact page where they would fill out a generic form asking to be contacted.


Susan Greene, copywriter, suggested creating a dedicated landing page that explained the auto-ship program, highlighting its many benefits.

As a landing page, it would have nothing to distract visitors from its purpose – no navigation or links.  Everything on the page would relate to the auto-ship program.



Almost as soon as the landing page was launched, PetGlad began getting sign-ups.  And what was most gratifying to the business’s owner was that not only existing customers were buying into the program but also many new customers who’d never before purchased from PetGlad.

While it’s too soon to give actual numbers, the immediate success of the landing page in generating sales of the auto-ship program has led the owner to consider creating landing pages for other programs it wishes to promote.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Mind-blowing work!

Hey Susan,

Oh my!!! Wow!!!!  The landing page looks amazing! You and Ben {Ben Ursal, web designer} are the dynamic duo. You guys have been doing some mind-blowing work!  I absolutely love how this landing page turned out!

Joseph Avery
PetGlad LLC
San Diego, California

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