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This financial planning firm helps dentists successfully manage their business and personal finances.
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Founded in 2013, PracticeCFO  works exclusively with dentists to help them build their practice and increase revenue. Their business came from word-of-mouth, dentists telling colleagues about the success they’d had working with the firm, as well as leads generated from positive reviews published on Yelp and Google.

But with competition growing rapidly across the financial management landscape, the principals decided they needed to upgrade their website to look more professional and also sharpen its target so that it spoke specifically to dentists and not other physician practices. 

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PracticeCFO chose Thrive Design to develop a new design for the website. And Thrive brought in Susan Greene to write all new copy. 

PracticeCFO new design & copy

Susan met with key members of the PracticeCFO team to better understand their business and how they were uniquely qualified to work with dental practices. She wrote all new copy that explained what PracticeCFO works can do for dentists seeking to augment their financial success.

Susan also added pages that didn’t exist on their old website to highlight each of the company’s four CFO teams and their unique specialties. 

financial planning copywriter


The new website did a much better job explaining PracticeCFO’s services and value proposition than the firm’s previous site. It also was laser focused on the dental niche, which helped attract more dentists as well as turn away other physician practices that were not a fit for PracticeCFO, which ultimately saved time for the sales team.

Very shortly after going live, PracticeCFO began getting new business inquiries through the website with no marketing or promotion on their part. In addition, they  saw a spike in page views and users who popped in through the chat feature to ask questions about the firm’s services. The increased visibility and engagement with prospects through the new website is likely to result in increased sales and revenue in the near future.

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