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Orlando, Florida

The International Drive Resort Area (IDRA) is one of Orlando’s most popular destinations. In addition to its proximity to Walt Disney World, it is home to six other theme parks, 100+ hotels, 485+ designer outlet stores, 150+ restaurants and the second largest convention center in the U.S. A trolley service called I-Ride offers public transportation around the IDRA.
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i-riderolley homepage


When the IDRA first introduced the I-Ride trolley service, it needed a website to get the word out.  Susan Greene, freelance writer, was contracted by Ad Inns, the IDRA’s ad agency, to produce content promoting the public transportation service.


The website contains information about the trolley routes, ticket prices and hours of service.  Written in simple language so even foreign visitors can understand it with ease, the copy encourages tourists to “hop on board” to see the many world-class attractions in the IDRA.

i-riderolley about us page


The IDRA gets more than 5.3 million visitors per year from around the world.  The website is successful in persuading a large percentage of those visitors to ride the public trolleys rather than rent cars, which in turn helps prevent traffic jams and parking problems.

Besides increasing ridership, the website also sells advertising space on the trolleys to businesses targeting tourists to the area.  Those ads have become a significant revenue generator for the IDRA.

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