RTI Hospitality

Miami, Florida

In business since 1989, RTI Hospitality sells guestroom furnishings to hotels and timeshare resorts.
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RTI Hospitality



The company had relied on referrals and personal contacts to get customers and generate sales.  The owners knew they needed to establish an online presence but had no idea how to get started.


When RTI Hospitality decided to become proactive in marketing its products and services, it hired WG Studios in Miami.  WG Studios uses Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to write content for the websites it designs.

Susan spoke with the RTI Hospitality’s owner and its chief interior designer to learn about the company’s unique offerings to hospitality companies.  Working closely with WG Studios, she organized the website and wrote the copy.



The RTI Hospitality website was launched and has been instrumental in helping the company land new accounts in the hospitality industry.

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